Brians Cykeludlejning

In the summer of 2015, I decided to partner up with a close friend to kick start his bike renting business. We changed the business model in order to solve the needs of some of the local problems of attaining a bike in Odense. My Responsibilities was to develop marketing plan and execute in order to get the bikes rented out. Therefore, I did all the design work for the marketing material which would be distributed through social media and anything places on the website.

We wanted to almost automate all our processes so we developed a website for seamless renting and developed 2 partnership agreements with key stakeholders: ESN Odense (Local International Student Organization) for marketing; Local Cycle Vendor for expert bike repairing. Some costs would chip away on our margins but ultimately we could focus on growing the business. 

Without knowing it, we had a very similar business model as Swapfiets, who is now an extremely fast-growing startup in Europe.

I left the business a year later in order to pursue other interests. Before I left, I was able to say we had 100% rented rate with every semester having the whole fleet rented, our repair cost were minimal which increased our margins and we were able to increase the size of the fleet by approximately 30%. 

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