SU Måltider

When it comes to cooking, there are many factors we consider. What recipes to cook? how long will it take for me to cook it? how expensive will it cost with the ingredients? Will it taste good and is it healthy?

Unfortunately, as students, the burden of price and convenience is consequentially leading us to buy unhealthy frozen pizzas and although it satisfies our taste buds enough, it doesn’t give us the most delicious experience of nice home cooked meal. At SU Måltider, we want to address these concerns for our fellow student. We are delivering food preparation solution where the whole process of cooking is shortened to a few ingredients (Maximum 5, keep our costs low), 30 min cooking time, no cutting or dicing of ingredients, and only sauce pan or oven needed.

We conducted extensive interviews amongst our user group. We have made preliminary SU Måltider boxes to test the process works and truly understand what students need. Through our research, we have found that in particular Male Students, 18 – 30, generally who are single would be our main beach head market. With that said, women have showed the most interest in our concept though our social medias pages. We identified also another interesting segment, empty nesters, and these parent would be concerned with their child being able to have a healthy meal, instead of frozen pizzas.

We launched monthly subscription service, each box is priced at 250 DKK that last a week. Therefore, a single subscriber for a year would give us revenue of 13.000 DKK. Our unit cost is approximately 150DKK (Ingredients, Prep work, Packaging, Scheduled Pick-up points) which will dramatically reduce the as it scales, which means we will have a margin of about 100DKK(65%).

The project ended due to internal issues, however, we successfully validated the idea with an offering ready for the market and preliminary sales.

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