I joined the Demola initiative to help local organizations find innovative solutions for business challenges. My groups’ project was to collaborate with Denmark’s largest student organization, Sydansk Studerende, who’s a challenge was to get more students to be more active in groups outside the academic sphere at the University of Southern Denmark. This was an important challenge as there has been a long decline in the last few years of student involvement in both student politics and as well as memberships in extra curricular activities.

Our approach to the solution involved in person interview and ongoing dialogue as we developed a solution for students. We validated that there was a decline in interest and found a couple of root issues to this. Our solution involved different perspectives of major stakeholders. Our Result was what we called the Sorting Hat (just like in Harry Potter). I had been tasked the UX / UI design of the product although my role generally was to be involved in all aspects of the project. 

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